Dear reader:

2020 demanded and took a lot from us, it reminded us of our vulnerability, but also of our collective resistance. Its lessons, though painful, have invited us to value what we used to take for granted, to prioritize what is important; to give thanks for what we have and what others do for us.

Today, we are more grateful than ever for the tireless will and commitment of all people that are part of the Grupo Herdez family. We thank them for the trust they have bestowed upon us, our shareholders, customers, collaborators, consumers, partners, and suppliers for more than 106 years, which strengthened us during this complicated year, and it is also the compass that guides us to the future.

In this Integrated 2020 Annual Report, we want to tell you about what we achieved through the faces, stories, and testimony of the large Grupo Herdez family. Thanks to the work of each of them, we were able to ensure the availability of our products in Mexican homes, and we were able to look out for the wellbeing of our collaborators and our families.

From 2020, we want to keep the feeling of union, joint responsibility, and solidarity that we live every single day, and we share with all our value chain, preserving our firm commitment for promoting the development and wellbeing of Mexico.


in this section, you will find the essence of who we are, what we do, and what moves us to continue taking the best of Mexican food to the world, and the best of the world to the Mexican people. Additionally, you can check the balance of the year in the words of our Chief Executive Officer and our leadership team who, with their decisions, build our resilience and future performance.

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here you will find the details of our financial performance, and the financial highlights.

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In this chapter, we leave a record of our actions and results in water, waste, recycling, and emissions management, seeking to reduce our impact on the planet with tangible, measurable, and constant results.

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We have lived and proven that the world is dynamic, that flexibility and resilience are required to adapt to change; that the sum of experiences, contexts, and opinions to address the challenges that we face, are fundamental. This year, we strengthened our capacity to adapt and persevere, but most of all, the sense of belonging of the large Grupo Herdez Family. As a result of this, today we look back at 2020 with gratitude. In this report, we honor each of our collaborators that drove in this complex year, our partners, customers, and suppliers, which, jointly with us, took the opportunity to transform into a better team, a better company; and we also honor our customers for their preference. Because now and forever: We Advance Together.